Presentation Guidelines

  Oral Presentation Session
 Allocated time for different types of oral presentations are as follows:
  • Keynote speaker – 40 minute
  • Invited speaker – 30 minutes
  • Oral presenter – 15 minutes

The allocated time includes of questions and answers for 5 minutes. Only a projector and a laptop will be provided in each session. Speakers are encouraged either use MS Power point or PDF for their presentation. Speakers are allowed to use their own laptop, but they are strongly advised to test the system before  started session.

  Poster Presentation Session
All posters have to printed in 80×120 cm, Portrait Orientation.
All Poster presenters are required to put up their posters on the allocated poster boards (to be announced), during the poster session.
All poster presenters will get the certificated presentation for participant in SACT 2018.

Abstract Guidelines

  •  All the paper should be written in English Only
  • Abstract is not supposed to exceed 300 words.

Download Abstract template 

Full Manuscript Guidelines